About Dr. Angelina Zarokian

Angelina Zarokian
Dr. Angelina Zarokian

Dr. Angelina Zarokian (PSB 94023842) is a graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and has a PsyD. Angelina Zarokian’s research interest lies in the differential diagnosis between Autism and ADHD.

Angelina Zarokian has gained her Pre Doctoral training experience working with varied populations with psychological and developmental issues along with, working with geriatric populations. She has also worked with individuals with mood disturbances, anxiety problems, and co-occurring substance use problems. Angelina Zarokian  has worked in varying settings, including school settings, private practice settings, home settings, and  program facilities.

Angelina Zarokian is also trained in multiple Psychological Assessments including ADOS and Rorschach. She conceptualizes client problems using a dynamic, process oriented Existential-Humanistic approach, utilizing psychodynamic therapy interventions as appropriate for each individual client. Angelina Zarokian is currently working as a therapist at EBWS and a registered psychological assistant at Touchstone Educational Consultants collecting doctoral hours towards licensure, under the supervision of Dr. Elena Bagourdi and Dr. Ira Heilveil.

Please note that Angelina Zarokian is not accepting any clients, since she is not yet a licensed clinician. 

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